alice Tempel Costa Caobisco

Alice Tempel Costa


Alice Tempel Costa is the Senior Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Manager at CAOBISCO, the European Association of Chocolate, Biscuits and Confectionery Industries, based in Brussels. Ms Costa has been responsible for regulatory affairs dealing with a variety of issues including contaminants on raw materials and finished products since 2012.

After studying for a BSc in Agriculture Sciences, at Rio Grande do Sul Federal University, Porto Alegre – Brazil, she continued her academic career by studying for an MSc in Cooperation and Development, as a scholarship student at the University of Pavia, Italy.

She has 6 years’ experience in EU public affairs, and before joining CAOBISCO, she worked for the FAO, EMBRAPA and Wageningen University.

EU Regulations impacting cereal/cereal products

This presentation provides a review of EU Regulations impacting cereals and cereal foodstuffs. Special attention is given to the Acrylamide Regulation and recent developments on MCPD and Mycotoxins discussions. It gives insight about the progress that has been done on these subjects in the last years and paves the way to further research/discussions needed.