Andrew Hughes

Campden BRI Group

Andrew trained in baking technology at Liverpool College of Technology.

He started his career in the baking industry working for a specialist ingredient manufacturer evaluating new emulsifiers in bakery products and working with large bakeries on textural improvement and shelf life extension of bread. Subsequently he has worked for a number of large biscuit companies where he held roles in product development and technical management, gaining in depth knowledge of biscuit manufacturing.

Andrew has lived outside of the UK for the majority of his career based in locations such as South Africa, Dubai and more recently Singapore were he was responsible for providing technical advice and assistance to customers across Asia. He returned to the UK in 2012 and now works at Campden BRI in the Baking and Cereal Processing section.

Andrew was appointed to the position of Baking Technology section manager in June 2017 responsible for product development , contract projects for member companies, organising and being actively involved in training courses held at both Campden BRI and off site at customers offices.

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