Jos Vast Bakery Academy

Jos Vast

Bakery Academy

Born and grown in a bakery that was making the transition of medium sized to industrial bakery, Jos finished his MSc in Technical Business Sciences at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in 2004. Via a long list of various operational and management functions became responsible for R&D and Quality, where the idea of founding Bakery Academy sprouted.
Started Bakery Academy in 2009, connecting the dots between theory and practical applications in problem solving and product development. Has a serious track record on reformulation of products, which amongst others resulted in:
– Less sugar, fat and sodium
– Different grains and cereals up to gluten free
– Enrichment with fibres and/ or proteins
– Cleaning up the labels
Working in Bakery Academy with 4 colleagues from their own Application & Innovation Centre for clients all over the world, making bakery science & technology applicable for them. We continue yearly in personal and company development in the field by exploring apparently unsolvable problems in ingredients & processes and conducting private research & development.

Intensifying of colours and flavours

Colouring is a very interesting process, subject to the baking process and the water available. With the rise of prices of ingredients like cocoa powder, the actions forced to undertake for acrylamide reduction, the loss of colour and flavour as a result of reducing sugar(s) will be covered in a session of approximately 45 minutes, on top of that there will be room for tasting and discussion of approximately 15 minutes.