Olaf Heide

BEHA Innovation GmbH

Olaf Heide is a 53 years old Mechanical Engineer with nearly 25 years experience in belting.

Most of this time, his focus was on the various subsegments and applications of food processing.

Olaf worked 24 years at Habasit in Sales, Industry Segment Management and Product Management.

Thanks to his broad experience and food industry insight, he was actively engaged in several EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) working groups and was frequently invited as speaker at Hygienic Design training sessions.

Since December 2017, Olaf is responsible for Product Management and Business Development at BEHA Innovation GmbH. BEHA is a family owned very dynamic and innovative manufacturer of extruded conveyor belts and profiles.

Olaf´s passion is listen to customers, aim to understand their processes and daily problems, to identify and implement better solutions with them.

Possible process improvements through belting innovations

Conveyor belts are often undervalued components in a processing machine or on the MRO radar of food manufacturers. However, chosing the wrong material or product design can substantially affect process performance, profitability and even food safety. I will give you some hints on important aspects to consider and highlight a several innovations and solutions.