How to Get to Zadar: The Hosting Town of the BP Conference

If you have read our previous article about Zadar: A Piece of Heaven with an Attitude – Best in Travel, you probably wish to know how to get to this amazing tourist destination. Fret not! We’ve got you covered.

We here at Biscuit People have decided to make your trip just a little bit easier by showing you the many different ways you can reach Zadar, be it via plane, bus or taxi! We want this year’s Biscuit People conference to be a huge success.

It is therefore our hope that you will use our guides to visit Zadar and see what the city and the coastline have to offer. Oh, and learn the new trends in the biscuit industry as well! For starters, let’s have a look at the hotel in which the Biscuit People conference will be held.

Figure 1 – The Salute to the Sun Tourist Attraction in Zadar

Hotel Pinija

The conference will take place in the hotel Pinija. Petrčane is a small Mediterranean locality not far from Zadar, the home of Hotel Pinija. Its unique position on a natural peninsula.

Travel by Air: Airlines You can Take to Zadar

The fastest and simplest way you can reach Zadar is, of course, by air. The good thing about Zadar is its great connection with the different cities and countries across Europe, so there is a high chance you have access to a direct air-route to Zadar.

The airport of Zadar has seventeen different arrivals each day of the week, which adds up to eighty-five arrivals. The number of arrivals is, of course, even higher during the weekends. Let’s check out some of the available air routes you can take.

If you’re coming to the Biscuit People conference from Germany, there are multiple ways you can reach Zadar. There are nine different air routes connecting Germany with Zadar, almost all of which are through Ryanair.

You have access to departures from Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Cologne, Nuremberg and Munich. As you can see, if you live in Germany, you really don’t have to worry about finding a direct air route to Zadar. You can book your tickets here (Ryanair), here (Eurowings), here (Condor Flugdienst), here (EasyJet) and here (Lufthansa).

You can use most of these companies to travel to Zadar from other locations across Europe as well, with a few notable exceptions. You can use Ryanair to travel from Dublin (Ireland), Eindhoven (Netherland), Poznan and Krakow (Poland), Brussels, London, Milan (Italy), Gothenburg and Stockholm (Sweden), Marseille (France) and Prague (Czech Republic).

The notable exceptions mentioned earlier are: Tel Aviv, Israel (Electra Airways), Madrid, Spain (Iberia Express), Rotterdam, Netherland (Transavia Holland) and Belgrade, Serbia (Air Serbia).

If you’re visiting from other parts of the world, such as South America, Asia or the subcontinent of India, we suggest you take a peek at Skyscanner. It is a really useful tool for finding cheap flights to locations across the world, with an easy to navigate and user-friendly interface.

You can use it in conjunction with the information we have provided above to find the most direct route possible to Zadar, so that you don’t have to change too many flights. If you decide to purchase an airplane ticket to some other city in Croatia, you might want to travel by bus the rest of the way.

It will take longer, but you will probably save some money, so it’s up to you to decide. If you should travel by bus, you can check out the available bus routes here. As for transportation to the hotel where the conference will be held, you have several options available.

We recommend taking a small taxi or a shuttle by Croatia Transfers, as they can take you directly to Petrčane. It is a tourist village located outside of Zadar. If you wish to know more about it, you can check out our article on the attractions of Zadar. As the name is some-what hard to pronounce, we suggest writing down the address of the hotel so you can show it to your driver: Ulica V 1a, 23231 Petrčane.

If you are coming to visit from other parts of Croatia, there are two different air routes you can take. The first one is from Pula and the second one is from Zagreb. The operator of both routes is Croatia Airlines. Croatia Airlines also offers a third, non-domestic air route from Frankfurt, so that is something to consider if you choose to travel with this company.

If you live somewhere in Istria, and wish to shorten your traveling time, it might be a good idea to travel to Pula by bus or car and buy an airplane ticket to Zadar. We recommend traveling with Arriva. You can check out their website here and look for bus routes to the city.

We recommend doing the same for Zagreb. You can check out the bus routes to Zagreb here, and then head on to the city’s airport and travel by plane from there. There are numerous taxi services in both Zagreb and Pula that can take you to their respective airports.

In Zagreb, you have access to the globally known Uber taxi service. Just download their app from the Google store and you can order yourself a ride to the airport. As for Pula, you can order a taxi from Cammeo by calling +385 (0) 52 313 313, or, alternatively, you can also download their app from the Play store. If you wish to see the cost of the airplane tickets, you can do so by going to their website.

Enjoying What Zadar Has to Offer

We hope the information we have provided will be enough for you to plan out your trip to Zadar and to the Biscuit People conference. Remember, travel safely, and should you need any further assistance regarding your trip, feel free to contact us and we’ll try to help as much as we can.

We hope to see you soon, but until then, goodbye and happy planning!

Figure 2 – A Sunset in Zadar

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