Third Biscuit People Conference in the Beautiful Ancient Porec

The year 2021 seemingly keeps the trends of 2020, but in this one, we’re more hopeful: in 2021 the vaccines are sure to help us, and the postponed third Biscuit People Conference will be held in Poreč this September. 

Biscuit People Conference 2021

The Biscuit People Conference will be held in Porec this year from 15 to 18 of September. After the success of the two Biscuit People Conferences that were held in April 2018 in Rovinj (Rovigno), and April 2019 in Pula, we are organizing the conference once again and expect even more participants than ever before. In 2020 we had planned to have a conference but of course due to the pandemic it had to be postponed. Thankfully, the Conference can be held this year.

Biscuit People Conference is an event that brings together leading industry executives, independent consultants, and other biscuit experts to explore and exchange their knowledge, experience, and industry innovations; it is a learning and networking opportunity for all of us.  

The Biscuit People Conference is built around sessions with the goal to identify challenges in the industry and offer their solutions. Each of the speakers delivers their own topic which opens up discussions. The attendees (but also other speakers) are encouraged to ask questions, exchange their experiences, ideas, knowledge, and solutions.

Another important goal of the conference is to connect our participants and industry stakeholders through informal meetings so they can establish new collaborations and business opportunities.

Where is the Conference held?

As we mentioned, the Conference is held in the Croatian city of Porec, in the hotel Parentium. This is a beautiful 4-star hotel in Porec in Resort Zelena. The venue of the hotel provides for the place where the Conference is held. Parentium has a beautiful view on the bay with many commodities to offer its guests: free Wi-Fi, wellness, outdoor pool, indoor pool, access to the beach, regular meals, etc. Guests can book double bedrooms, suites, or the palatial presidential suite.

Biscuit People Conference 2021 - Croatia Porec
BPC 2021 Conference Venue
Meeting centre Biscuit People Conference 2021

Previous Conferences fulfilled all expectations!

More than 60 leading industry executives, independent consultants, and other biscuit experts attended the first Biscuit People Conference held on 26-27 April 2018 in the Hotel Eden, Rovinj, Croatia.
The second conference was even more triumphant! In the hotel Plaza, Pula, we welcomed fifthteen speakers and 90 biscuit professionals from all over the world! We hope and strive for an excellent conference this year as well, despite the pandemic of Covid-19. 

Not all work and no play

Biscuit People Conference is an event that allows you to expand your professional horizons, but we also want for you to have some free time and since Poreč is a beautiful maritime city, enjoy its beauty during summer. This city is an old city that exists since the Roman Empire, whose heritage Poreč proudly shows in its architecture. In between lectures, feel free to experience what charming Porec has to offer.

What to see and do in Poreč?

A view of Porec

Poreč is a Croatian town set on the Istrian peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea. As with other coastal Croatian cities, it is a beautiful place to enjoy the sun and the sea, especially during summer. If you like to sightsee and explore there are many beautiful locations to visit in Poreč.

The Artifacts of the Past: Old Town Beauties

Probably the most popular spot in the city is the Euphrasian Basilica. This basilica dates back to the 6th century and is a great example of early Byzantine art. Its architecture and the murals on the ceiling and walls are a mesmerizing sight. You’ll find Euphrasian basilica (named after a bishop Euphrasius, who built it) in the Old Town portion of Poreč. The basilica has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1997.  Make sure to explore the Old Town of Poreč thoroughly as the old buildings and narrow, cobbled streets tell the story of the long-gone Roman past. Poreč is a city of old. These narrow streets are full of cafés and restaurants where you can take a moment from sightseeing and just relax with a drink and a light meal.

Euphrasian Basilica 

Part of the Old Town is the Marafor Square, dating back to ancient times when it is believed to have been raised to hail the Roman god of war Mars. Supposedly the name itself – Marafora means “Mars’s square”. Close to Marafora Square are equally as impressive sites of old – the Pentagonal tower, a tower dating back to the 15th century, and the Round tower, also a 15th-century tower that served as the city’s defense against the Ottomans’ attacks.

Old Town Poreč 

Adventure time

But if you’re more of an adventurous type you can stray away a little bit from the city and head to the coast. Close to the city is the island of Saint Nicholas where you’ll be transported by ship (the ride is only 5 minutes long). It’s a small island but full of luscious vegetation and lovely beaches. It’s a nice getaway from the city crowd. For the really adventurous there is Ski-lift in the Zelena Laguna resort. It’s a ski lift that is 700 m long with numerous cableways and kickers available for fun jumps. This one definitely kicks your adrenaline.

On the Porec – Vrsar main road you can visit the Aquacolors Water Park for some water sports. The park has many slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river, essentially everything that spells fun time. The park contains sand volleyball courts for sports lovers.

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops” (Kellie Elmore)

The classic sunbathing and bathing experience you’ll easily get on many beaches surrounding Porec. A very popular one is the Zelena Laguna beach, 5 kilometers south of the main town, with many small bays and coves to explore. There are also many cafés and restaurants along the beach that we recommend you check out. The coastline is rocky and pebbly so we recommend wearing water shoes while walking on the beach and in the water so the rough surface doesn’t cut your feet. In central Porec, Pical beach is a popular spot for beach activities. The beach is visited by locals, has a beautiful promenade and a children’s playground for the little ones.

We hope you visit Porec, attend our Conference, and enjoy the new experience this event provides. 

 If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in the biscuit industry, expand your business network, and enjoy beautiful Croatia this is the right event for you. We invite you to our Biscuit People Conference 2021, 15 to 18 of September 2021

Biscuit People Conference

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