Dr. Isabel Trogh, BENEO: Improvement of nutritional & technical properties of biscuits

Dr. Isabel Trogh started her career as R&D Manager Patisserie Mixes, followed by R&D Manager Nutrition, both at Puratos (Belgium). Since January 2013, Isabel is working as Customer Technical Support Manager within the BENEO-Technology Center at BENEO in Belgium. She has a background in nutrition and has been working in the food industry for over 10 years. Dr. Trogh is an expert in the field of functional ingredients and specializes in developing solutions for the biscuit industry. She has given several presentations on this topic, including one at our Biscuit People Conference.

At the Biscuit People Conference, Dr. Trogh presented on BENEO Solutions for Biscuits. Her presentation focused on how BENEO’s functional ingredients can be used in biscuits to create healthier and more appealing products. She started by discussing the challenges that the biscuit industry faces, including the need for healthier products, changes in consumer preferences, and the need for more efficient production processes.

Dr. Trogh then introduced BENEO’s portfolio of functional ingredients, which includes functional fibers, functional carbohydrates, functional proteins, and specialty rice ingredients. She explained how each of these ingredients can be used to improve the nutritional profile of biscuits, increase their fiber content, and enhance their sensory properties. For example, she explained how BENEO’s functional fibers can improve the texture of biscuits and how their functional carbohydrates can replace traditional sugars and improve the glycemic response of the biscuits.

BENEO’s portfolio includes functional fibers such as inulin and oligofructose, which can be used to increase fiber content in biscuits without sacrificing taste or texture. These fibers also offer prebiotic benefits, promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. They also offer a range of low glycemic carbohydrates, which can be used as a partial or total sugar replacement in biscuits. These ingredients provide sustained energy release and help to reduce blood sugar spikes.

In addition, they provide functional proteins such as rice protein and pea protein, which can be used to enhance the protein content of biscuits and provide a plant-based protein option for consumers.

Finally, BENEO offers a range of specialty ingredients, such as functional rice flours and chicory root fibers, which can be used to provide specific functional benefits such as texture improvement and fat reduction.

Dr. Trogh also talked about the sensory properties of biscuits and how BENEO’s functional ingredients can be used to improve their taste and texture. She explained how their functional proteins can be used to create crunchy or soft biscuits, depending on the desired texture. She also discussed how BENEO’s functional carbohydrates can be used to create a sweet taste without the use of traditional sugars.

Furthermore, Dr. Trogh highlighted the benefits of using BENEO’s functional ingredients in biscuit production. She explained how they can increase the efficiency of the production process, reduce waste, and improve the overall quality of the final product.

In summary, Dr. Isabel Trogh’s presentation at the Biscuit People Conference focused on BENEO’s solutions for the biscuit industry. She explained how BENEO’s functional ingredients can be used to create healthier, more appealing, and more efficient biscuit products. Her presentation provided insights into the challenges faced by the industry and how BENEO’s solutions can help overcome these challenges.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from Dr. Isabel Trogh, an expert in functional ingredients and solutions for the biscuit industry. Her presentation on BENEO’s portfolio of functional ingredients at the Biscuit People Conference provides valuable insights into how BENEO improves the nutritional profile and sensory properties of biscuits, as well as increase the efficiency of production processes.

Download the presentation now to discover how BENEO’s solutions can benefit your biscuit products and help you stay ahead of the competition.

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