Gwen Gould, Tirlán “Who’s eating your lunch?” What consumers want and what we can learn from competing categories

Gwen Gould is Senior Marketing Manager, Dairy Ingredients at Tirlán. Gwen is passionate about consumers and understanding what drives them which led her to a career in Marketing and Innovation. As part of the Tirlán team, Gwen is bringing the consumer and customer voice to the fore of all B2B activities, supporting manufacturers overcome their consumer challenges.

She was a presenter at the Biscuit People Conference, where she delivered a presentation titled “Who’s Eating Your Lunch?” The presentation focused on how food companies can stay ahead of the competition by understanding consumer trends and behaviors.

Gould started by acknowledging the rapidly changing food market and the increased competition it has brought. She explained that in order to stay competitive, companies need to stay up-to-date with consumer trends and preferences. Gould emphasized that companies should not only focus on their own products, but also on their competitors’ products and how they are meeting consumer demands.

Gould also discussed the importance of understanding consumer behavior and preferences. She explained that consumers are increasingly focused on health and wellness, and are looking for products that are natural, organic, and free from artificial ingredients. She emphasized that companies need to listen to consumer feedback and adapt their products accordingly.

discusses five key trends influencing consumer attitudes and behaviors in the global bakery market. The first trend she explores is the focus on health and wellness. Consumers are looking for clean label products that are natural, high in good ingredients, and low in bad ingredients. Gould identifies transparency and clean label, high protein, and sugar reduction as key trends related to health and wellness.

The second trend is that bakery products are deemed ideal for small moments of affordable indulgence. Consumers seek moments of daily escapism to deal with the pressures of everyday life, and bakery products offer moments of nostalgia and comfort as well as affordability.

The third trend is that consumers are taking a broader view of maintaining health by associating sustainable and local produce with being better for the planet and for them.

The fourth trend is that natural claims are important in the bakery sector. Consumers associate natural ingredients with real and authentic ingredients that are better quality, healthier, more trustworthy, and more sustainable. However, the meaning of natural can be subjective, leading to confusion and skepticism among consumers. Gould suggests that brands should offer maximum transparency when it comes to natural claims by streamlining ingredients and simplifying nutritional labeling.

The fifth trend is the increasing focus on health as a broader concept, beyond weight management regimes. Consumers pay closer attention to product formulation and ingredient and nutritional labeling on bakery products, resulting in a shift toward healthier products.

Overall, Gwen Gould’s presentation provided valuable insights for companies looking to stay competitive in the rapidly changing food market. By analyzing the competition, understanding consumer behavior and preferences.

To learn more about the key trends in the global bakery market and their impact on consumer attitudes and behaviors, download the presentation now. Gain insights from on how you can stay ahead of the competition by meeting the evolving needs and preferences of consumers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and strategies in the bakery industry.

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