Marta Ferluga and Jamie Blake, Synergy Flavours: Reformulating bakery products with innovative solutions to address consumer needs

Marta Ferluga is a skilled top-notes and Dairy flavours application technologist at Synergy’s R&D bakery and sweets products department. Her primary responsibilities include finding the best solutions to meet market demands, growing new trends, and developing innovative proposals. Recently, Marta and her colleague Jamie Blake presented their innovative solutions for bakery applications at a conference. Their presentation, “Reformulating Bakery Products with Innovative Solutions to Address Consumer Needs,” addressed the challenges faced in reformulation and how Synergy is tackling these issues.

The presentation began with an overview of consumer trends, which are shifting towards more natural and healthier options. Marta highlighted how consumers are becoming more health-conscious and are looking for cleaner labels and fewer artificial ingredients. She then discussed the challenges faced in reformulating bakery products, such as maintaining the same taste, texture, and shelf life while reducing sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients.

Marta and Jamie then presented their approach to reformulation, which involves using innovative solutions such as natural flavorings, extracts, and enzymes. They explained how these solutions help to enhance the taste and texture of bakery products while reducing sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients. They also provided case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their approach, such as reducing sugar in a muffin recipe without compromising on taste and texture.

Throughout the presentation, Marta emphasized the importance of understanding consumer needs and developing solutions that meet those needs. She also discussed the role of flavor technology in reformulation, highlighting the various tools and techniques that Synergy uses to create innovative solutions.

In conclusion, Marta Ferluga and Jamie’s presentation showcased Synergy’s innovative approach to reformulating bakery products. Their solutions aim to address consumer demands for natural and healthier options while maintaining the same taste, texture, and shelf life. As a technologist, Marta’s experience in finding the best solutions to meet market demands and developing innovative proposals was evident throughout the presentation.

By downloading this presentation, you will gain valuable insights into Marta’s approach to flavor technology and how she and her team have tackled the challenges of reformulation through real-life case studies. You’ll learn how they’ve created innovative solutions that not only satisfy market demand but also set new trends and push the boundaries of traditional bakery products.

With Marta’s expertise and innovative solutions, you’ll be equipped to transform your bakery products into healthier, tastier, and more appealing options for your customers. Whether you’re looking to reduce sugar or fat content, increase fiber or protein, or introduce new flavor profiles, Marta’s presentation has the tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals.

This presentation is a must-read for anyone in the industry who wants to keep up with changing consumer preferences and develop innovative solutions. So why wait? Download the presentation now and take the first step towards improving your bakery products and satisfying your customers’ needs.

Take your bakery products to the next level. Learn more about reformulating bakery products with innovative solutions now and start transforming your products today. Your customers and your business will thank you.

Download the presentation.

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