Biscuit People platform is pleased to announce the 2nd international Biscuit People Conference, which will be held in Pula, Croatia, in 2019. The goal of the BPC2019 is to bring together leading industry executives, independent consultants and other biscuit experts to explore and exchange their knowledge, experience and industry innovations. If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in biscuit industry, expand your business network and enjoy in beautiful Croatia this is the right event for you.



Day 1

Managing and structuring R&D and PD areas to support Innovation process

Roberto Manuel Pineda Tamez, Biscuit, Crackers Consultant Ex PepsiCo R&D

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EU regulations impacting cereal/cereal products

Alice Tempel Costa, Caobisco

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Challenges in Jaffa cakes production: raw material quality and process parameters (experiential)

Bojan Tomić, Jaffa DOO Crvenka

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Checking in crackers

Annelyse Bartolo, Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd

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Preservation of product : Methodology for the leak measurement and integrity control in order to optimize breathability of packages

Jean-Philippe Guillot, Anéolia

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Selection and Evaluation of Rice Flours for Gluten-Free Cookies

Grégory Véricel, CHOPIN Technologies

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Are you ready for the future

Denis Leleu, Couplet Sugars

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Day 2

Alternatives in ingredients to meet a clean label

Sonia Maria Broglio, Develop Consultoria

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Oil and fat solutions for cookies and biscuits

Alberto Rosado, AAK AB

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Protein Enrichment in Biscuits

Christian Jonassen, Arla Foods Ingredients

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Nutritional improvement driven by consumer’s needs in fine bakery

Maria Padurean, Kerry Inc.

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The influence of biscuit market trends on development and innovation in the packaging industry

Daniel Bossel, Bosch Packaging Technology

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How the manufacture of biscuits moulds and cutters in terms of innovation have been affected by customers’ needs and trends

Franca Luppi, Errebi Technology

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Designing and building biscuit, cookie and cracker baking ovens

Iain Davidson, Baker Pacific Ltd.

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Tunnel oven belt issues

Peter Otten, STEINHAUS GmbH

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Pula: An ancient city perfect for modern-time events

Pula (Italian: Pola) is the largest city in Istria County, Croatia and the eighth largest city in the country. It used to be Istria’s administrative centre, but Pazin became its administrative centre in 1991 when Croatia proclaimed its independence. Because of its rich history, many of Pula’s residents fluently speak Italian and some other languages. […]

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