Ciaran Lynch

Country: Ireland
Company: Synergy Flavours
Connect: LinkedIN


Ciaran is a graduate of University College, Cork, Ireland and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science and Technology and a Ph. D. in Dairy Chemistry.

Ciaran joined Carbery Group in 2001 and initially managed the development and expansion of the yeast extract product range – developing the ingredient portfolio in order to further enhance cheese and dairy taste profiles in food and beverage applications.

Ciaran has also focused on developing fermentation models for the generation of natural dairy flavour compounds from a variety of dairy substrates such as milk, cream, butter and cheese. These models rely on bespoke enzyme, culture and fermentation conditions that allow Synergy expand their product range into a comprehensive set of innovative dairy taste solutions for a wide variety of both sweet and savoury applications.

Ciaran’s continued focus is to ensure that Synergy’s global, in-house technical capabilities in dairy taste systems offer the best solutions in the marketplace to our client base.


Dairy technologies to optimise taste and health credentials in biscuit recipes

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