Jelena Popin

Country: Serbia
Company: Food Technologist at Baby Food Factory
Connect: LinkedIN


Experienced Food Technologist with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry. Skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Food Processing, Biscuits, FSMS, and Crackers. Strong research professional graduated from Cambridge International Diploma in Business (Licensed Program: Business Academy, Novi Sad).


Challenges in production of baby food biscuits

Industry-processed baby food plays significant role in meeting the nutritional demands of infants due to increasing numbers of working women, growing parental concerns about nutrition and modern-day time constraints,

Focusing on the development of easily digestible and competitive food products such as baby cereals, baby snacks / biscuits and rusks, the opportunities of specialised food companies are plentiful.

But, baby nutrition sector is under strict safety and market regulations with whose baby food companies have to face.

In Europe, European Commission directive sets guidelines for companies operating in its member states. All non EU countries synchronized their country legislation with EU. So, all EU / non EU producers must act in accordance with this specific legislation where nutritional values of certain products are strictly controlled within narrow parameters.

The directive does not only set out rules on the composition and labelling of baby foods but also gives minimum and maximum levels mineral substances, vitamins and other nutrients.

This presentation are going to give review on some of multiple challenges regarding manufacuturing baby food (and biscuits, among all) regulative and advertorial constraints, the growing responsibility regarding food safety, nutritional value of the food, etc.

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