Joe DiGiacomo

Country: USA
Company: Flynn Burner Corporation
Connect: LinkedIN


  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Civil Engineering
  • Over 50 years of experience in the combustion industry
  • Currently employed by Flynn Burner Corporation, manufacturer of combustion equipment & automation controls for the food bake industry. Vice President
  • Previously employed by Maxon Corporation & Fives North American Mfg. Corp, the two largest combustion equipment manufacturers in the world
  • Author, chapter on Flame Treating for TAPPI “Extrusion Coating Manual”
  • Has presented numerous technical papers to TAPPI, SME, SPE, ANTEC,ASB & ASBE


How combustion system on a food bake oven operates

1. Introduction
2. Burner Technology
3. Types of Ovens Direct & Indirect
4. Air Gas Mixers
5. Gas Flow & Control
6. Ignition Systems
7. Combustion Air Blowers
8. Air Flow Control Valves
9. Temperature Control
10. Oven Efficiency
11. Oven Maintenance

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will have a better understanding of how the combustion system on a food bake oven operates. They will understand the relationship between the combustion system components and how each relates to the other. How to recognize, analyze & solve typical combustion system problems will be discussed

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