Lutz Popper

Country: Germany
Company: Mühlenchemie
Connect: LinkedIN


Lutz Popper read food technology at the Berlin University of Technology, followed by research and instruction activities at the Institute of Food Technology. In his Ph.D. thesis he treated the extraction and application of anti-microbial enzymes. Since December 1993, Popper is with Muehlenchemie and SternEnzym, as head of research and development, and since 2009 also as scientific director of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. He is an external lecturer for food technology at the Kiel University of Technology since 1997, at the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, since 2013 and at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, since 2015 and has contributed 190 articles, posters, lectures, patents and two books to the field of food science.


Considerations for the Use of Enzymes in Wafer Production


The role of enzymes in biscuit, cracker and wafer manufacturing


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