Marcos Fregati

Country: Brazil
Company: M. Dias Branco
Connect: LinkedIN


I work in biscuit production since 1995. I having work at Nestlé, Mabel, M Dias Branco and others. I worked directly in applications of: Biscuit Nescau, Prestígio, Filled biscuit Passatempo and Soda Cracker of Piraquê, some of the most popular biscuits of Brazil.

I’m Chemical Engineer from UFSCar, one of the principle University of the area in the World. In this year I worked as Production Manager, Industrial Manager, Engineer Manager, Industrial Director, Process Industrial Manager. I worket too R&D, Maintenance, Safety and Supply Chain, always in the same segment. I know about all the process and equipment, having in my projects biscuit, snacks, cakes and pasta lines facilities in all dimensions.

Today I’m Corporate Industrial Process Manager of M. Dias Branco. But I’m Biscuit Specialist in Crackers at all.

BPC 2023


The presentation talks about an upgrade in cook process. I named it “bis-couit” separated because this is the method´s essence. I.e. I work with a different partialization betwen up and down. In this I present the concept, the principles and the ovens regulations to get a biscuit better, more airy and crunch, attending all physicochemical parameters. All the concept is presented with evidences and comprovated by Scorpion’s analysis

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