Paolo Betto

Country: Germany
Company: GEA
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Mr. Paolo Betto, 64, Food Technologist by formation, now Application Manager on Cracker and Hard Sweet Biscuits technologies has been for most of his career in sales as Area Sales Manager at GEA Bakery; he boasts more than 36 years of technical experience in this sector.

His deep international sales and technical competence has contributed to the continuous progress of the equipment, particularly in relation to the development of the oven design and the optimisation of the baking process.

Actions in the bake industry for the environmental sustainability of the world

A technical look on the baking process

We are currently living in a world where every Company feels committed to adopt all the possible actions to reduce the energy  consumption and to diminish the emissions to the atmosphere, with the scope to create a sustainable environment able to maintain a positive development business trend. The GEA Bakery Business Unit is heavily committed to make its deep technical expertise and know-how available to the baked products sector.

The speech will start making a technical overview on the actual savings obtainable when using traditional gas-fuelled baking ovens designed following the most updated energy saving technologies. Technical solutions and practical actions will be highlighted. A significative practical case-history will be illustrated and discussed.

The discussion will continue by introducing the “0 Carbon Emission” electric baking technology; its technical, technological, and practical application will be presented and compared against traditional gas fuelled ovens. Advantages and disadvantages will be emphasised and discussed in depth.

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