Pedro Díaz Molins

Country: Spain
Company: Zukán
Connect: LinkedIN


Pedro Díaz has been working on the development of sweetening ingredients from sugar for more than half his life. He holds a doctorate in Food Science and Technology, from the University of Murcia, and soon began as a researcher at the same University taking part in projects from a different nature, mainly in the candy and sweet sector. This experience in sweetening ingredients was what allowed him to take the step to Zukán, where, after several years as Project Manager in R&D, he took the leap to Director of the department.

Pedro Díaz is an expert in production processes related to sugar processing and in the formulation of sugars for both human and animal nutrition, specifically in beekeeping, where the sugar profile must be very precise for a good development of the hive.

Currently, the lines of research that are being followed are very focused on the Clean Label, 100% natural and reduced in calories substitution of common sugars and this is where Pedro is making great progress thanks to the range of Fosvitae® fibers and other ingredients such as 100% Natural fruit extracts focused on giving added and differential value to cookies and other sweet products.

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