Coming to Umag: The Hosting Town of the Third BP Conference

If you opened this article you are probably interested in our Third Biscuit People Conference, which is held this year in Umag. We’ve talked about the whereabouts and important details of the 2021 BP Conference in our article Third Biscuit People Conference in the Beautiful Ancient Umag. There, we mentioned where the Conference will take place and when. In this article, we are showing you how to reach the destination of this year’s BP Conference – the Croatian town of Umag. This beautiful Croatian town allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing Croatian coastline and the sea and learn more about the biscuit industry during our conference. We now wish to inform you on how to come to Umag via different means of transportation: by airplane, bus, and taxi. Please keep in mind that since the pandemic of Covid-19 isn’t resolved yet you should inform yourself of the regulations Croatia has during the pandemic. Check here for all the regulations in place during the pandemic.

Traveling by Air: An Indirect Link to Umag

Flying is definitely the fastest way to travel to Croatia from anywhere in the world.

Umag does not have an airport but do not worry because there are many airports in nearby cities that you can travel to in order to reach Umag. Yes, you do need to take a bus from these cities but you will reach Umag in no time plus you can enjoy the Croatian landscape as you drive through the country.

When it comes to flying, you can fly to nearby Croatian airports or to ones in Slovenia or Italy as these countries are fairly close to Umag.

Flights to Pula

The closest airport in Croaita is in Pula with many flights from Europe. This means that if you can fly to Pula, choose a flight there, as it is the closest.

Germany offers flights to Pula from Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, and Munich. As you can see, flying from Germany to Pula is fairly easy. You can book your tickets  EurowingsRyanairhere (Lufthansa), here (Easyjet), and here (Croatia Airlines).

Numerous flights are from the United Kingdom to Pula as well. You can fly from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, and Doncaster. You can book your tickets at  Ryanair,, Easyjet, and British Airways.

Flying from France to Pula is possible by departing in Paris, Nantes, and Bordeaux. You can buy your tickets at Easyjet, Volotea, and Transavia.

If you are traveling from the Netherlands, you can book a flight to Pula from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Flying companies that sell tickets are Cityjet, Croatia Airlines, TUI FLY NL, Transavia, and Easyjet.

From Norway to Pula there are three routes – from Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger. The carriers are Norwegian and SAS.

Russia has flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg, available at S7 AirlinesUral Airlines, and Redwings.

Flying from Sweden to Pula is possible from either Stockholm or Gothenburg.  A couple of companies sell tickets for this route, namely SAS, Norwegian, and TUI Fly Nordic.

When it comes to traveling from Switzerland, there are flights from Zurich, Basel, St. Gallen, and Geneva available through Easyjet, Peoples Vienna LineSWISS AIR, and Edelweiss.

From Belgium, you can travel with Ryanair and TUI fly Belgium from Brussels.

Finnland has one route to Pula, that being from Helsinki and available through the company Norwegian.

There is one route from Denmark to Pula, that one being from Copenhagen and provided by companies Jet Time, Braathens R.A., and SAS.

Ireland offers a departure from Dublin through the company Aer Lingus.

From Italy, you can travel to Pula from Milano and buy your ticket at Easyjet.

There is also a flight from neighboring Serbia, flying from Belgrade to Pula with Air Serbia.

Finally, if you are traveling from another Croatian city, you can fly to Pula from Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Osijek. The companies providing the flights are Croatia Airlines and Trade Air.

Flights to Rijeka

Rijeka is also close to Umag so you can fly there as well, although it is slightly farther than Pula.

When it comes to flights from Europe, to Rijeka you can also come from many places. There is a direct flight from Berlin, Germany to Rijeka with Eurowings. Also with Eurowings, you can fly from Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, and Düsseldorf. If you want to travel from the south of Germany, there is a flight from Munich with Lufthansa and one with Croatia Airlines. With Lufthansa, you can also travel from Frankfurt.

There is a flight from the Netherlands, a direct one from Eindhoven to Rijeka.

From Poland, you can fly from Warsaw with LOT to Rijeka.

Flying from Latvia is possible from Riga with the company Air Baltic.

 It is important for you to know that airport in Rijeka is not actually in Rijeka but on the nearby island Krk. This means that you need to take a shuttle to get transferred to Rijeka. 

Rijeka Airport has organized official regular shuttle service from/to Rijeka (bus station: peron 5 at Jelačićev Trg 3), Omišalj (bus station: central bus station), and Kraljevica (bus station at Jadranska magistrala). So, there are three routes you can take with the shuttle. In case of the shuttle service provided by Olivari for transfers from Omisalj and Kraljevica to Rijeka Airport previous reservation on phone number 00385 51 869 247 Monday to Friday from 8h to 16h is mandatory. Similarly, in case of the shuttle service provided by Rijeka Airport transfers from Rijeka, Omisalj, and Kraljevica to Rijeka Airport previous reservation on e-mail: is mandatory. For both of these shuttle transfers there will be no available transfer if you hadn’t made any reservations prior, so make sure to make reservations. Charges of the transfers are as follows: 

  • Rijeka Airport – Rijeka (and vice versa): 55,00 kn (one way)
  • Rijeka Airport – Kraljevica (and vice versa): 35,00 kn (one way)
  • Rijeka Airport – Omisalj (and vice versa): 25,00 kn (one way)

Tickets can be bought at the Rijeka Airport terminal building or in the bus. Shuttle transfers are operated according to bus timetable which is monthly published as a PDF file on the site of Rijeka Airport.

Flights to Zagreb

Zagreb is Croatia’s capital and is home to the largest Croatian airport. Because it is the capital, there are many flights available to Zagreb’s airport.

Traveling from France, you can book a flight with Air France. This company offers flights to Zagreb from Paris, Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, etc. Keep in mind that many of the flights are not direct flights but connecting ones. There is only really a direct flight from Paris. For more info and if you want to book a flight from France to Zagreb, visit Air France’s website.

If you are flying from Austria to Zagreb, you can fly with Austrian Airlines. They have flights from Vienna, Graz, and Innsbruck. Check their website for booking tickets.

From the United Kingdom, you can visit Zagreb by traveling from London with British Airlines. Check their website for other flights, maybe connecting ones if there are no available direct flights for you.

With Eurowings, Lufthansa, and Ryan Air you can book flights from Germany to Zagreb. You have direct flights with Eurowings from Cologne and Stuttgart, with Lufthansa from Frankfurt and Munich.

Croatia Airlines is the national Croatian flying company that also offers many flights across Europe and even farther. With Croatia Airlines you can fly from cities like Frankfurt (Germany), Paris, Zurich (Switzerland), and you can, of course, travel between Croatian cities – from Zadar, Dubrovnik, Pula, and Split to Zagreb with the company.

With Qatar Airways you can travel from Qatar’s capital Doha to Zagreb. Check the website of the company to book your tickets if you are coming from Qatar.

From Serbia, you can travel by Air Serbia, via a flight from Belgrade.

You can also choose to fly to a city near Umag but that is not in Croatia. Nearby airports are found in Trieste, Italy, and in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You can then take a bus from these cities to Umag while keeping in mind that you need to cross the national borders between Italy and Croatia and Slovenia and Croatia respectively. This naturally means you need to show your passport at the border patrol.

Flights to Trieste

Trieste is connected to various European cities. It has direct flights with these cities, managed by different flying companies.

From London traveling is possible with Ryan Air. They have weekly flights to Trieste.

Ryan Air also connects Valencia (Spain) with Trieste with flights available two times a week: on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Trieste is connected to Germany with the city of Frankfurt. The flying company offering the direct flight is Lufthansa, with which flights to Trieste are possible every other day of the week, starting from Monday.

Traveling from another Italian city to Trieste is fairly easy as there are many flights. You can fly from Rome (with Alitalia), Naples (Volotea and Ryan Air), Bari (Ryan Air), and Palermo (Volotea and Ryan Air). For other flights please check the websites of the mentioned companies.

Trieste is connected to Malta with flights with Ryan Air that depart weekly.

Flights to Ljubljana

Ljubljana as a state capital has many flights. With Lufthansa, it has a connection with Frankfurt, Germany. Turkish Airlines has a flight from Istanbul to Ljubljana. There are connections with Eastern Europe as well, such as flights from Moscow, Russia with Aeroflot and Warsaw, Poland with LOT. From Paris, France, you can fly to Ljubljana with Air France.

There is a connection with the Netherlands (Amsterdam) with Transavia.

Flying company Wizz offers flights from London, UK, and Brussels, Belgium to Ljubljana, so be sure to check their website for tickets if you need them. Easy Jet also has a flight from London to Ljubljana, as well as from Berlin to Ljubljana. Another available flight is from Helsinki, Finnland with Finnair.

Also, there is a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel with EL AL Israel Airlines.

Visiting from Other Parts of the World

If you’re visiting from other parts of the world and not Europe, such as South America or Asia, we suggest you take a peek at Skyscanner. It is a really useful tool for finding cheap flights to locations across the world, with an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface. There is a possibility that your country might not have direct flights to anywhere in Croatia so you will need to take a connecting flight in order to reach the destination of our conference.

Traveling on Land: Reaching Umag with a Bus and/or a Taxi


Photo 1 Traveling by a bus 

Since you have to fly to other Croatian cities in order to reach Umag, you will have to travel from these cities to Umag. The easiest way you can do that is by taking a bus. Umag is connected to major Croatian cities with buses driving to and from these cities pretty much on a daily basis. A major bus company that will take you almost anywhere in Croatia is Arriva so be sure to check their website for buses driving to Umag. Since many of you might travel to Zagreb first and then to Umag, you can check out the bus routes from Zagreb to Umag here

You can reach the destinations in the Umag-Novigrad region by bus lines from the north, from Koper (Slovenia) as well as from the east, from Rijeka.
Umag is connected by regular bus lines with other Istrian cities. At and you can find intercity bus connections in varies European countries, as well as international bus connections between European countries.

Buy your bus tickets online:

Uber taxi service is also accessible in Zagreb so you can travel with them, just download the Uber app and you can order a ride.

You can also take a taxi, especially if you travel to Pula and then go from there to Umag as they are not far apart. Pula is 84 km (52 mi) away from Umag. You can order a taxi from Cammeo by calling +385 (0) 52 313 313, or, alternatively, you can also download their app from the Play store. When driving with a taxi, you will naturally be asked for the address to which the drive should take you. The address of the hotel where the conference is held is Katoro 20, 52470, Umag. You can write down the address and show it to the taxi driver if you experience a language barrier and they will take you there.

Enjoy Your Stay in Umag

We hope the information we have provided will help you to plan out your trip to Umag, the location of this year’s Biscuit People conference. If you need any further assistance regarding your trip, feel free to contact us and we’ll try to help as much as we can.

Travel safe and enjoy your stay in Croatia!

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