Eric Schaller

Country: France
Company: Anéolia
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Eric Schaller is a Sup’Meca Paris graduated engineer in mechanics with a specialization in computing assisted production processes.

Since 1993 he has designed innovative instrumentation for packaging process control, with close to 30 years of expertise in hermeticity of packages with or without modified atmosphere processed, and achieved many realizations in confectionery and biscuit industry sector.  His contribution to the standardization of the methods for packaging integrity is recognized among the experts of the domain, as a leader of the working group in charge of DIN 55508 family of standards.

He acquired valuable experience to help the food industry to face new challenges and contributes to the efficiency of the production tool of food industry by optimizing the material and process means to achieve expected food preservation, safety, and costs savings.

BPC 2022


New challenges in a more complex world : How to manage packaging control and hermiticity check with highly complex dimensions and contexts?

And more over, why we should do it?


Packaging industry is under pressure of environment preservation, plastic conversion, food waste, safety of consumers, prices of raw materials, more sensitive products.

How to organize the pilot to move forward to get commitments within the factory’s members and the supply chain to achieve these goals of cost savings, efficiency of production, satisfaction of customers, risk reduction?

How to manage packaging control and hermiticity check with such a context and so many complex dimensions?

What is the impact of a lack of hermeticity in your application? How to set the trigger for GO/NO GO? How to drive quality improvement in hermeticity control?

This conference may help you to organize the pilot of packaging hermeticity control and should help you to review your KPI in order to make the right decision, to act in the right direction, and finally realize the target.

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