Biscuit People Conference 2024

Biscuit People Conference 2024

Join us on another conference, this time in Curitiba, Brasil, October 2.—4.

Be where the biscuit community meets.

Stay current with the biscuit world, grow your knowledge, and solve challenges at the Biscuit People Conference.

BPC 2024 / Curitiba, Brasil / October 2—4 /

Be where the biscuit community meets.

Would you want to remain up-to-date on the biscuit industry’s latest developments, expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems?

Attend the Biscuit People Conference, a gathering where you will get the opportunity to learn from professionals. This is a great opportunity to personally connect with the perfect service provider or potential client. Maybe you’ll learn something beyond your field of interest. Either way, if you join us at this conference, it would be a great investment in yourself. A unique event with biscuit manufacturers, R&D, NPD, production managers, equipment experts, packaging, and maintenance. This is a place you should be.

Expand, Connect, Discover

Learn from experts, connect with key service providers or potential clients, and possibly discover something new outside your usual interests.

invest in your growth

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from biscuit makers, R&D specialists, production leaders, equipment pros, and packaging experts.

Present your ideas

Become a speaker and share your insights with the biscuit community. Use this chance to present your company, influence the industry, and exchange ideas at our gathering.


Global Customer Innovation Manager Bakery




Snacks Product Development Manager

Reading Bakery System

Sales Manager, Latin America

Nestlé R&D

Head of Nestle Development Centre for Cereal Based Snacks

M. Dias Branco

R&D Director

Berndorf Band GmbH

Director, Global Sales & Service

GEA Imaforni S.p.A.

Application Manager – Soft Dough Cookies


International Director

Orquídea Alimentos

Research, Development and Innovation Manager


Managing Director Connect: LinkedIN | Biscuit People

Maximizar Consulting

Technical Director


Marketing Manager


Founder and CEO


Senior Manager, Technical Service BBCI

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We're very very thankful that we had this opportunity to really touch base with the European market, with the biscuit people. Everyone's so warm, I think it's the culture within the community. Everyone is very welcoming which makes it easier for us to really converse about what's happening in the industry, share some personal experiences, and learn from each other.

Junior Manufacturing Manager, Monde M.Y. San, Philippines
Arian Arcinas

This is my first time attending the conference and it was a phenomenal experience. I learned so much from suppliers of ingredients, and equipment. I picked up on so many opportunities to improve things in our business, I made so many friends, the networking is just awesome. I would really recommend food technologists and biscuit makers to attend this conference so that they can expand their knowledge and make the right contacts that will allow them to solve their problems easily.

National Brands, South Africa:
Nina Van Heerden

It is a great opportunity to meet professionals and get to know everything concerning biscuits from ingredients to new technologies. It is really interesting to widen your knowledge especially in regard to the newest developments.

R&D manager, ZINE CAPITAL INVEST, Morocco:
Siham Bouaz

I think it's been a very good experience. The conference covered all the major topics of the biscuit industry: ingredients, process, packaging, regulations, everything was very well covered. Speakers were top class people and professionals of the sector, good experience indeed.

Area Sales Manager, GEA Imaforni, Italy:
Paolo Betto

It was a really amazing experience for me, because it's more than an exhibition, since I could meet the people that come from all over the world. Some of them I already knew so it was good to meet them again, some others I only know let's say on the phone so it was nice to put a face on a voice and I also had an opportunity to have new meetings and also meet new friends.

Export Sales Manager, Errebi Technology, Italy:
Franca Luppi

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