Franca Luppi

Country: Italy
Company: Errebi Technology
Connect: | Biscuit People


In 1990, after graduating at Bologna University with the dream of becoming a school teacher, Franca Luppi started as a translator at Errebi Technology in 1991, and immediately got in touch with the amazing world of biscuits. Since a couple of decades she has been responsible for global market at Errebi Technology.

During the years she has acquired experience in the world of biscuits and crackers and try to assist and support customers’s needs and requests.


How the manufacture of biscuits moulds and cutters in terms of innovation have been affected by customers’ needs and trends

The presentation provides a short recall of how biscuit and cracker rotary moulding rollers and rotary cutters have been changing in their construction in order to follow market requests and needs. The purpose of the presentation is to encourage biscuit manufacturers to give no limits to their imagination when thinking of new ideas for a biscuit product.

  • Suitable materials for more and more strict and severe recipes
  • Special constructions fitting special production requests (dies with controlled temperature, wide waved rings, scrap return in rotary cutters)
  • Innovative designs (3D, mini bites, scapless products)
  • New product global trends
  • Question time (try to give a response to any ideas for a new product and the possibility of carrying it out)
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