Grażyna Olewicz

Country: Poland
Company: Bahlsen
Connect: LinkedIN


Experienced leader and product developer in the bakery-sweet biscuits industry with over 13 years of experience. She began her career at Bahlsen and has since built a strong foundation, working on international projects with products under brands such as LBZ, Bahlsen, and Hit. Now her position is R&D Product Development Lead.

She possesses extensive knowledge in food technology, raw materials, project management, and process optimization. Grazyna prioritizes effective communication, team support, and openness to process improvement in her daily work. Outside of her professional pursuits, she is interested in coaching and personal development.

Nutriscore Implementation & Improvement of Existing Leibniz Portfolio through Innovation & Renovation: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges

In this presentation, we will explore the journey of implementing the Nutriscore labeling on our existing Leibniz Portfolio as well as the introduction of a New Innovation which offers our younger consumers a delicious biscuit with a Nutriscore A.
We will provide a short overview of the step-by-step process we undertook to introduce this nutritional labeling system and discuss the challenges we faced along the way. The session will highlight valuable insights gained during the implementation process and point out future hurdles related to Nutriscore. Join us at the “Biscuits People” conference as we share our experiences and insights on this significant venture aimed at promoting healthier choices for our consumers.


Biscuit People Conference

Join Us in Curitiba, Brasil
October 2.-4. 2024.

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