Jos Vast

Country: Netherlands
Company: Bakery Academy
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Founder and Managing Partner of Bakery Academy

‘Already when Jos was 11 years old he told his teachers and parents that he wanted to be in the baking industry’. Jos grew up next to the bakery of his family, Vast Banket. He was already around in an medium sized industrial bakery as soon as he could walk. At the age of 16 he had his first jobs in the bakery working on depositing, extrusion lines and laminators. At the age of 18 he became team leader for starting up a new depositing and a rotary moulding line.

Simultaneously he conducted the study Technology, Science & Business Management (MSc.). In the years following he supported the management team in business and strategy planning before finding his spot on R&D and Quality. The first idea for Bakery Academy at that time was born…

Jos wanted to use his experiences in R&D to set up a new approach to baking: there were science and experience of baking can work together in creating better products and processes; fundamentals to either support or guide the ‘gut’-feeling of bakers.

In 2009 Jos Vast founded Bakery Academy. Working from their own Innovation Centre or on the job with clients all over the world, making bakery science & technology applicable for them.

Facilitating (industrial) bakeries in:

  • Research & Development
  • Process improvement
  • Commissioning
  • Training and Education

BPC 2021

Tackling trends in product formulations

Examples of sugar reduction, fibre enrichment, protein enrichment


Intensifying of colours and flavours

Colouring is a very interesting process, subject to the baking process and the water available. With the rise of prices of ingredients like cocoa powder, the actions forced to undertake for acrylamide reduction, the loss of colour and flavour as a result of reducing sugar(s) will be covered in a session of approximately 45 minutes, on top of that there will be room for tasting and discussion of approximately 15 minutes

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