Marinela Knežević

Country: Croatia
Company: Koestlin d.d. Biscuits and wafers Factory


Marinela Knežević graduated 2007. at Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb, programme of biotechnology engineering. Since 2008. to present Marinela is working as a technologist in R&D department in biscuits and wafers factory Koestlin d.d. She has also been working as a Shift manager in Koestlin. As a technologist she has experience with developing new products, improving existing products or processes, organizing sensory testing of samples, testing storage conditions for samples and finished products, following food legislation, approving new raw materials and new suppliers and constantly following market trends for confectionery production.

BPC 2021

A study on consumer preference and acceptance towards buying reformulated wafers

As a part of project „Development of new wafer category of reformulated nutritional composition that excludes the use of palm fat and their impact on consumers digestion“ , a study has been made on consumers acceptance of new premium wafers with chocolate and vanilla. Reformulation of wafers means that palm fat has been replaced with coconut fat.

Testing of consumers involved a group of 200 people from four different populations, with equal representation of both sexes, two age groups and three educational levels, where it was possible.

Conclusion of research results shows that wafer products with coconut fat in composition are first in preference regarding to wafer products with palm fat in composition.

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