Matthew May

Country: Ireland
Company: Kerry
Connect: LinkedIN


Matthew May – Director of Bakery, Kerry Europe
Matthew is a trained baker with 30+ years of experience in the baking industry, primarily in technical sales and application roles. He is now responsible for business planning and commercial leadership and works closely with the strategic marketing and applications teams to ensure that Kerry’s portfolio of technologies and solutions for the bakery industry is tailored to the needs of both bakers and consumers.

BPC 2022

Sustainable Nutrition and its Implications in Bakery


The focus on sustainable nutrition has reached a tipping point, since even before the onset of the pandemic. The climate-emergency is irrefutable, and world economies have long prioritized the need for action on an economic, industrial, social and individual level. Consumer exposure to brands carrying a sustainable nutrition positioning and environmentally friendly products has consistently increased over the past several years. Let’s see what can be done to meet the manufacturers’ and consumers’ sustainable nutrition challenges in the light of today’s market dynamics.


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