Paul Rooijmans

Country: The Netherlands
Company: Bühler AG, BU Biscuit
Connect: LinkedIN


Paul started his career as a baker and later shifted to sales in the industrial bakery equipment segment. In the past 25 years Paul worked in many different areas of the bakery industry and that has given him broad experience and knowledge on what is happening around the globe related to Biscuits and Crackers.

Haas-Meincke joined Bühler AG in 2018 and is now part of the Consumer Foods division of Bühler, servicing a wide range of possibilities and innovative developments to customers around the globe. With the Bühler Innovation Centers and over 100 service stations globally, Bühler is able to support whenever and wherever it is needed.

Sustainable solutions are only an option when you can maintain current quality parameters and tasty products. This is why balancing the needs of humanity, nature and economy are firmly anchored in our values and daily business.

Healthy snacks on the rise

We don’t compromise on Taste, Nutritional benefits and a Sustainable production.

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