Peter Otten

Country: Germany
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Peter Otten did his apprenticeship at a big German steel producer and started his “export life” there in 1973, dealing with exports of high quality plates.

In 1977 he went to a German steel trading company with huge export activities.
Being for a time sales representative in Saudi Arabia, doing market researches in Middle East and SEA countries, doing “emergency travelling” for a special task, building up businesses in Southern Europe => that was his job.

During all the time he was involved in evening and remote studies, mainly for languages and export issues.

In 1988 he started as export manager for Steinhaus GmbH. In the late 90s, he concentrated more and more on the food industry sector with special belts for tunnel ovens. As a pure practitioner, he learned from the field, by innumerous visits to clients in ~40 countries around the globe.

In that way he gained the sound basis for developing both technically and commercially this product and its possibilities as well as accessories for that.

Articles written by him are published on this website.

BPC 2023
Maintenance => Energy Saving

In my presentation I will highlight the importance of maintenance for the tunnel oven and the baking belt used.
In these days of rising energy prices and environmental awareness, it will be explained what regular, appropriate and proper taking care of oven and especially the belt will and can bring for you and your company.
The decision for the best belt type and available maintenance accessories, especially for cleaning, offers big potential both in energy savings and product quality improvement.
My presentation is based on acknowledged experience collected from the field.

Tunnel oven belt issues

Leaving the beaten track and spending some thoughts of the optimum belt solution for your tunnel baking oven:

  • Belt type
  • Belt tracking
  • Belt cleaning
  • Belt maintenance
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