Alberto Rosado

Global Customer Innovation Manager Bakery

Connect: LinkedIN


Alberto’s professional career has always been oriented toward bakery innovation. With a decade-long journey across continents working in one of the biggest snack companies, Alberto’s passion for delectable crafting cookies and crackers has left an indelible mark on the industry. His international career began in the vibrant markets of Mexico, transitioning later to a broader canvas, Alberto’s expertise expanded to Europe, based in France where he pioneered new product developments that delighted consumers across regions.


Currently, as the Global Customer Innovation Manager for Bakery at AAK Belgium, Alberto brings his wealth of experience to the global stage. AAK, renowned for its expertise in fats and oils, provides the perfect platform for Alberto to release his creativity and drive transformative solutions. With a customer-centric approach, Alberto navigates the fascinating landscape of biscuit innovation, collaborating with partners worldwide to develop proof points that unleash the importance of Fats and Oils in the bakery industry.


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