Maximizar Consulting

Gabriela de Morais Figueiredo Ferreira

Technical Director

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Food engineer with an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Business Management, with over 20 years’ experience in biscuit companies. Long experience in supervising/coordinating production and product research and development. She was Director of Product and Process Development at Maximizar Consulting, responsible for developing and improving products and process parameterization, technical and leadership training.

BPC 2024 

Precision in Fermentation With Biological Yeast: Management of Sponge Development and Its Impact on Production Results

As a process improvement and operations consultancy, Maximizar’s role is to help simple people produce extraordinary results and to make it easier to read and understand chemical processes to manage and maintain the desired parameters correctly.

With experience in Brazil and the USA, we live with different raw material situations (characteristics and temperatures) and climatic conditions that impact on dough fermentation and cause major variations in biscuits (especially crackers) and consequential losses due to overweighting, grinding, and scrap. To manage this, we have developed a methodology for measuring the development of the sponges in which these variations are noticed in the first few hours of the sponges’ fermentation, with plenty of time for correction, keeping the process under control.

At the Biscuit People Conference, we will have the pleasure of sharing this methodology owned by Maximizar Consulting, which is easy to apply, can be done with simple measuring instruments, and has proven extraordinary results in the companies where it has been applied.



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