Berislav Znidarcic, NielsenIQ: Building for the Future

Berislav Žnidarčić has a long-standing career in the biscuit industry. He has a lot of experience working in various positions in one of the largest biscuit factories in Southeast Europe. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of biscuit production, Berislav joined NielsenIQ in 2015 and for the past seven years has been a part of various commercial and consultative roles in NIQ Adriatics. Today he is responsible for a significant portfolio of both local and international clients, helping them optimize their business activities, through intelligent business solutions based on Retail Measurement Services.

In his presentation, Berislav Žnidarčić highlighted the importance of investing in building for the future in the biscuit industry. He emphasized that in order for companies to remain competitive and sustainable, they need to focus on continuously improving their processes and facilities.

Žnidarčić started by discussing the current state of the biscuit industry, highlighting the challenges faced by companies such as increasing competition, changing consumer preferences, and pressure to reduce costs driven by inflation. He then explained how investing in building for the future can help companies overcome underlying factors such as suppy chain shocks, inflation, decreased disposable incomes, shifting purchase patterns and socio-political conflicts.

One of the key areas of focus for building for the future is technology. Žnidarčić discussed the benefits of implementing new technologies. He emphasized that new technologies can help companies improve their efficiency, reduce waste, and produce higher quality products. Additionally, he noted that these technologies can help companies respond to changing consumer preferences by enabling faster and more flexible production processes.

In addition to technology and sustainability, Žnidarčić also discussed the importance of investing in people. He noted that having a skilled and motivated workforce is essential for building for the future in the biscuit industry. He emphasized the importance of training and development programs to help employees adapt to new technologies and processes, as well as to improve their skills and knowledge.

One of the key points of his presentation was inflation, and how NielseyIQ handles the current situation, offering better insight into how companies measure, monitor and handle ongoing issues on the market.

Inflation is a critical factor affecting the biscuit market, and it is a concern for companies worldwide. When inflation rates rise, the cost of raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution increases, leading to higher prices for consumers. In turn, this can decrease demand for biscuits, impacting sales and profitability for biscuit companies.

In response to inflation, NielsenIQ has developed intelligent business solutions based on Retail Measurement Services that help companies measure, monitor, and handle ongoing market issues. These solutions provide companies with real-time insights into the market, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that can help mitigate the impact of inflation on their business.

Žnidarčić explained that biscuit companies need to understand the shifting patterns of consumer behavior during inflationary periods. For instance, during high inflation rates, consumers tend to shift their purchasing preferences towards products that offer more value for money, such as cheaper alternatives or bulk purchasing. Companies need to anticipate these shifts in demand and adapt their product offerings and marketing strategies accordingly.

Finally, Žnidarčić discussed the importance of collaboration and partnerships for building for the future. He emphasized that companies need to work together with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders to share knowledge and resources, as well as to develop new products and solutions.

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