Denis Treacy, Culture Compass: Zero Defect Biscuit Manufacturing

Denis Treacy BPC Speaker 2022

Our first speaker at the conference was our keynote speaker Denis Treacy from the United Kingdom. Denis Treacy is well known throughout the Food Industry as an engaging, driven & decisive Executive Leader with 40 years of FMCG industry experience, the first 10 years in scientific roles, and the last 30 years in Management, Leadership, Executive Chief Officer & President Level.

In his lecture, we had an opportunity to learn how to manufacture biscuits with zero defects which is extremely important for all biscuit manufacturers.

Denis Treacy presented and introduced his “Zero Defect Biscuit Manufacturing” thesis,  he is a consultant with over 30 years of experience in the biscuit industry. He discusses the concept of zero-defect manufacturing and its application in the biscuit industry.

Treacy started off with the importance of quality control in biscuit manufacturing. He argues that quality control is not just important for the final product but for the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to packaging. But, what is the main goal of quality control?

Treacy then elaborates on the concept of zero-defect manufacturing, which is the idea that every product manufactured should be perfect with no defects. This concept is achieved by building quality into the manufacturing process rather than relying solely on quality control checks at the end of the process. Treacy argues that zero-defect manufacturing is achievable in the biscuit industry, but it requires a lot of focus on process control and commitment to continuous improvement.

At our conference, he split up his presentation into 4 main parts calling them 4 Energies of Predictable & Repeatable Outcomes:

  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • Culture
  • Organisation

Later on, Treacy discusses the key principles of zero-defect manufacturing, including the importance of process control, standardization, and documentation. Treacy emphasizes the need for clear procedures and guidelines for every step of the manufacturing process, from raw material handling to packaging. He also highlights the importance of data analysis to identify and eliminate the root causes of defects.

Further on, Treacy focuses on the specific challenges and opportunities in biscuit manufacturing. He highlights the importance of equipment design and maintenance, as well as the need for accurate and consistent measurement and control of process variables. The potential for automation and data analysis to improve process control and reduce defects Has also been discussed.

Treacy also talks about the role of management in achieving zero defects in manufacturing. He argues that management must prioritize quality and continuous improvement and provide the necessary resources and training to support these goals. He also emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration between all levels of the organization, from operators to executives.

The last, but maybe the most important thing is the concept of continuous improvement GOYA

The Goya process is a set of principles that encourage individuals to take responsibility, be proactive, question assumptions, and seek solutions. It emphasizes the importance of being accountable, involved, and having a view, rather than being passive or indifferent. It encourages individuals to step forward, take ownership, and be active in their roles. The process encourages individuals to ask questions, challenge norms, and be curious

All in all, Treacy provided a comprehensive overview of the concept of zero-defect manufacturing and its application in the biscuit industry. He highlighted the importance of process control, standardization, and data analysis in achieving consistent product quality and eliminating defects. And additionally, emphasized the role of management in prioritizing quality and continuous improvement, the potential for automation, and data analysis to improve process control and reduce defects.

If you’re looking for more information and a more in-depth analysis of key aspects of biscuit production strategy, performance, culture, and organization. And how to manufacture biscuits with zero defects download the presentation!

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