Trajche Dimitrovski, Makprogres: Application of Sensory Analysis in Confectionery Industry

Trajche Dimitrovski is a renowned sensory expert in the food and beverage industry, with more than a decade of experience in sensory evaluation and sensory testing. He has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and physiology and a master’s degree in Plant production. He has worked with various companies in the confectionery industry, providing guidance on sensory analysis and product development.

During the Biscuit People Conference, Trajche Dimitrovski gave a presentation titled “Application of Sensory Analysis in Confectionery Industry.” In the presentation, he discussed the importance of sensory evaluation in the confectionery industry and how it can be used to improve the quality and appeal of products.

He firstly introduced the company he is a part of, Makprogres. He states that they export 80% of their products and they produce 14000 tones of product per year.

Trajche started by defining sensory analysis as a scientific discipline used to evaluate and understand the sensory properties of food products. He explained that sensory analysis is important in the confectionery industry because it helps manufacturers understand how consumers perceive their products and identify areas for improvement.

He then went on to discuss the different types of sensory analysis, including descriptive analysis, consumer testing, and discrimination testing. Descriptive analysis involves trained panelists who use a standardized vocabulary to describe the sensory characteristics of a product. Consumer testing, on the other hand, involves recruiting regular consumers to evaluate the products and provide feedback. Discrimination testing is used to determine if there is a significant difference between two products.

Trajche also talked about the different sensory attributes that can be evaluated, including appearance, aroma, texture, and flavor. He stressed the importance of considering all these attributes when developing and evaluating confectionery products to ensure that they meet consumer expectations.

In the second part of his presentation, Trajche shared some practical tips for implementing sensory analysis in the confectionery industry. He emphasized the need to have a clear objective for the sensory evaluation and to carefully select the panelists who will be participating in the evaluation. He also discussed the importance of training the panelists and using a standardized evaluation protocol to ensure that the results are consistent and reliable.

Trajche Dimitrovski explained the application of ANOVA (Analysis of variance) in sensory evaluation is explained. According to the him, the basic principle of ANOVA is to analyze the variation between and within samples.

Furthermore, Trajche stressed the importance of properly analyzing the data obtained from sensory evaluation and using it to improve product development. He encouraged companies to invest in sensory evaluation and incorporate it into their product development process to stay ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, Trajche Dimitrovski’s presentation highlighted the importance of sensory evaluation in the confectionery industry and how it can be used to improve product quality and appeal. His practical tips on implementing sensory analysis provide valuable insights for manufacturers looking to incorporate sensory evaluation into their product development process.

If you’re looking to improve the sensory analysis of your products in the confectionery industry, look no further than Trajche Dimitrovski’s presentation on “Implementation of Sensory Analysis in Confectionery Industry.” Dimitrovski provides a comprehensive overview of sensory analysis, from the basics of human senses to the statistical analysis techniques used to interpret sensory data. He emphasizes the importance of sensory analysis in product development and quality control, and provides practical advice for implementing sensory analysis in your own organization. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – download the presentation today and take your sensory analysis to the next level!

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