Rodrigo Iglesias

International Director

Connect: LinkedIN | Biscuit People


Mr Rodrigo Iglesias has been working in international business for almost 20 years, including two MBAs in this area and a Master in Sustainability. From the Brazilian foreign trade procedures through the Santos’ Port (the Latin America biggest port) to the strategic area assisting national policies of Brazilian Exports Promotion, he has developed business intelligence analysis for Brazilian product’s introduction in Africa and Middle East and he is FMCG-oriented since 2014 – looking for opportunities in Brazilian biscuits, pasta, breads, cakes and other cereal and roots based packaged goods. During his professional life, he has already visited more than 20 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. He is the International Director of ABIMAPI (Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuits, Pasta, Breads and Cakes) since 2014.


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