BPC 2024

Curitiba, Brasil, October 2.-4.

Would you want to remain up-to-date on the biscuit industry's latest developments, expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems?

Attend the Biscuit People Conference, a gathering where you will get the opportunity to learn from professionals. This is a great opportunity to personally connect with the perfect service provider or potential client. Maybe you'll learn something beyond your field of interest. Either way, if you join us at this conference, it would be a great investment in yourself. A unique event with biscuit manufacturers, R&D, NPD, production managers, equipment experts, packaging, and maintenance. This is a place you should be.

The Biscuit People Conference is a unique industry event where industry experts exchange their knowledge in friendly atmosphere.


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Previous Conference Presentations

Alberto Trezzi, IMA Eurosicma – part of the IMA FLX HUB: Turn-key solutions for the biscuits industry

Unfortunately, Roberto Spatolisano couldn’t join us this year so his colleague Alberto Trezzi presented instead. His lecture was about leading-edge technologies from handling, primary and secondary packaging up to end-of-line solutions to satisfy any packaging configuration demand. Alberto Trezzi is a Project Manager at IMA  Eurosicma, an innovative division of IMA Group that provides turn-key […]

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Aliette Verel, Former Principal Scientist in Mondelez: 4 Major Structural Components to Make All Types of Biscuits

Aliette Verel is a biscuit industry professional with over 25 years of experience working for leading global companies in the field. She has a strong background in research and development, innovation, and production management, and she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others in the industry. Aliette gave a presentation at our […]

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Andreea Bonis and Matthew May, Kerry: Sustainable Nutrition and its Implications in Bakery

Matthew May is the Bakery Sales Manager for the EMEA region at Kerry Group, a leading taste and nutrition company that provides innovative ingredients and solutions to food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. He has over 30 years of experience in the food industry, with a particular focus on the bakery sector. Matthew works closely with […]

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Angeliki Petsa, Unismack SA: The “Art” of Developing and Producing Nutritionally Rewarding, Allergen-Free Snack Crackers

Angeliki Petsa is a Senior Food Scientist with a passion for innovation and sustainability in the food industry. She has been a member of the strategic leadership team at Unismack since 2014, initially involved in the commercial growth of key export markets (Europe, Australia, South Africa) and nowadays overseeing all aspects of customer services and […]

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Anna Bednarek, The Bahlsen Family: Making Best Biscuits – Main Challenges & Troubleshooting In Biscuits Manufacturing

Anna Bednarek is a food technologist and consultant with over 14 years of experience in the biscuit industry. Bednarek is currently an R&D Product Development Manager for The Bahlsen Family- BU CEE and she gave a presentation titled “Making the Best Biscuits – Main Challenges & Troubleshooting In Biscuits Manufacturing “, at the Biscuit People […]

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Berislav Znidarcic, NielsenIQ: Building for the Future

Berislav Žnidarčić has a long-standing career in the biscuit industry. He has a lot of experience working in various positions in one of the largest biscuit factories in Southeast Europe. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of biscuit production, Berislav joined NielsenIQ in 2015 and for the past […]

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Biscuit People Conference

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October 2.-4. 2024.

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